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It’s a pleasure to welcome you on Packet of Crisps!13254676_1137087516347560_2802509220561167505_o

Hope you enjoy the content, I am starting to put
together here. The concept is still fairly open and I am welcoming any suggestions.

The idea behind “Packet of Crisps”: We have got an awful lot of newssites already that do nothing, but consolidating headlines that will be obsolete or forgotten in no time. And to be frank, we are oversaturated with that information.

The main focus of “Packet of Crisps” lies mainly on giving you an in-depth look into the big issues that matter. Whether that is the latest Presidential Election, Climate Change or Blockchain technology. I am aiming to be as broad and diverse as possible to give you a rich experience of content that is not only relevant for the next 24 hours, but hopefully a few years.

Packet of Crisps gives you on a weekly basis new content that provides food for thought and is best enjoyed piece by piece, just like a packet of crips.

Have fun and all the best to you.



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